Unisex Nursery Ideas

As increasingly more parents decide not to check the sex of their child until it is born, unisex nursery ideas have become more popular. The decoration of unisex nurseries is never an easy job but it can be made less complicated if you have right information and a number of ideas at hand. One of the most important things to do is to choose decorations that are neutral. The colors should not be too bright or too dull; decorations should be appropriate both for boys and girls.

While decorating a unisex nursery some of the things should be avoided like butterflies, flowers and fairies, because these particular objects appear to be only for girls. You should also stay away from the boyish stuff which includes trains, trucks, planes etc.

You should always stick to the patterns that involve gingham, ticking, and stripes as they dissolve the distinction between the genders. As a child will stay in the room for a pretty long period of time, you should start with a fundamental design, which will serve as a base, to which later you can add different other kinds of decorations as your child grows up.

There are many ideas that exist especially online and most of them are based on themes that are not based on gender distinction. One of the best themes that can serve as a great idea is a nature scene. All genders are attracted to nature scenes and when the child grows up, you can add different characters, for instance ponies and butterflies for the girls and trucks and planes for the boys.

Educational themes are also neither feminine nor masculine and will work well in decorating the nursery and later will serve as background knowledge. Whichever unisex nursery decoration idea you choose, ensure that it is something that can be changed to your child’s preferences and needs, so that you won’t have to remodel the whole room and waste more money.

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