Creating Santa Claus Costume Ideas

Santacon Costume Ideas Women

Santacon costume will give you the feeling of the Christmas day. Santacon costume is one of the elements of the Christmas day which must be available. Most people on Christmas are waiting for the Santa Claus. He is the one who gives presents to children. If you are willing to be a Santa Claus, this article will show you how to make his costume.

Santa Claus costume reflects the cheerful design with the use of red and white colors. It consists of a coat,  a hat, a pair of shoes and gloves. If you want to have your own Santa Claus costume, these instructions will help you.

You can use the old clothes for minimizing the spending of money. Choose the extra-large red sweatshirt or sweater and sweatpants. Remove the collars and the elasticized shirt bottom. You can use the chenille for the trim which will cost you less. For making the Santa Claus costume, add the strips along the shirt’s bottom until they meet at the centre on each side. You have to sew them to replace the collars. You can make it a little baggy to create the illusion of the bulk.

Santa Claus costume can do not only for adult, but also for the kids. Santa Claus costume for the kids has a funny simple pattern. Actually, there is no difference between the Santa Claus costume for adult and for kids. The difference is only that for the kids it is smaller and shorter. The costume can be both for a boy and a girl, only the color may vary. But both of the costume accessories will be perfect to create Christmas atmosphere.

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