Classical Checkerboard Flooring

Checkerboard Sheet Vinyl

Have you imagined decorating your home flooring with checkerboard flooring? If your answer is “no”, you really need to consider this flooring design. Checkerboard flooring combines two colors in the design. The main two colors are usually black and white. In the result it will look like a chessboard. These types of decoration will be suitable for any interior design. Here are some interior decoration ideas that you can use to design you floors.

Victorian Checkerboard-Flooring Design

Checkerboard design can be combined with a classic decoration style. In the result the floors will resemble Victorian style. If you like royal elements in your design, you will like the combination of Victorian checkerboard flooring design as well. Even though it is said that classic design will be better for this type of flooring, some designers have been experimenting combining it with modern elements. In fact, checkerboard flooring is becoming extremely popular. People start to widely use this design in their houses. Here is another idea that you can inspire you.

Mediterranean Checkerboard-Flooring Design

Mediterranean design is actually classic design, but it was reborn with the use of some modern elements. It is kind of a minimalist design that brings the inhabitants nearer to the natural surroundings. This design reduces the border between the indoor and the outdoor. Mediterranean checkerboard flooring usually requires natural stone. The color of the natural stone is perfect addition to the checkerboard flooring.     Flooring designs are always interesting to discuss and there are many new ideas that you can always combine.  Your design will represent who you are, your interests and your tastes. And plus, as your likes and dislikes are constantly changing, you can always add something new to this design.

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