Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

A well decorated table is a great way to welcome and enchant your guests during the holidays. Christmas centerpiece ideas are good because they create focal points. You can incorporate various elements in the centerpiece such as a candle, mini tree, winter flowers, fruits, and garlands. There is no limit to what you can include in your centerpiece. Use your creativity to come up with something that will stand out.

 Candy Canes and Carnations Flower Arrangement

Red and white are two of the main colors that are used during Christmas, and that is why candy canes and carnation flowers are ideal for a centerpiece. Put some red carnations in a rectangular vase. Make sure the flowers are well anchored in some floral foam. Use the candy canes to cover the vase. A hot-glue gun will make it easy to attach the candy canes to the vase. Once the canes are well lined around the vase, tie a ribbon around them and place the flower arrangement on your table.

 Lantern Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Put one or two lanterns on your dinner table and then frame them with some pine needles, rosemary leaves, and pine cones. This creates an elegant and classic centerpiece.

For a fun and informal centerpiece, create some paper trees. Use scrapbooking papers which are holiday-themed and make some paper trees. This is an affordable way to make your table stand out during your Christmas dinner. It is a simple DIY idea that you can complete within a short time. Cut the papers and fold them into cone trees. The trees can be of different sizes. Use a double-sided tape to secure the sides of the cone trees.

 Highlight Family

Christmas is all about spending some time with your family and a centerpiece will represent this great idea. Choose some pictures from your previous Christmas holidays. You can also include some wedding pictures. Use clips to hold up the pictures and stick them on some cubes before placing them on a large plate. Stick a few pine needles on the plate to complete a Christmas gift.

 Chic Tray Centerpiece

An ordinary silver tray can be turned into a chic Christmas centerpiece. Take a vintage tray from your collection and adorn it with some bright colors, glittering ornaments, pinecones, and cedar branches. You can also add some small candles to make the centerpiece stand out.

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